%bad allocation
%invalid datetime
%invalid datetime spawn
%change degree
%respawn start                    (start monster respawn)
%respawn stop                    (stop monster respawn)
%altexp <exp number>                         (rollback exp lost)
%pass dungeon
%transparent                             (transparent mode on)
%no transparent                      (transparent mode off)                    
%max attack point                  (attack max mode)
%min attack point                   (attack min mode)
%normal attack point             (attack nomal mode)
%matchless                    (attack one kill on)
%no matchless                            (attack one kill off)
%goto ship                    (go to ship immedietly)
%start holy  
%stone bye
%keeper bye
%start keeper
%goto stone
%no beggar
%pass quest                    (for pass all quest to go level higher)
%moncall (ID monster)                         (monster call)
%goto mine                    (go to mine map)
%total                    (total user connected in map)
%die                    (die immedietly)
%miracle                    (decrease all HP,SP,FP)
%fullmiracle                    (increase all HP,SP,FP)
%lv  <set lv>                    (levelup)
%neverdie                    (never die)
%no neverdie                    (can die)
%allskill <numbers skill>                   (Setting Skill Point)
%contribute_p  <set contribute>            (increase contribute point)
%contribute_m <set contribute>             (increase contribute variation)
%recallexp  <set exp>                    (recall all exp lost)
%monset                    (spawn or not mob)
%show me the dalant <set dalant>         (for increase money)
%show me the gold  <set gold>              (for increase gold)
%full force                    (all skill force GM)
%threeseven                    (for 4 bag slot)
%clear inven
%iri tata                    (same as god hand)
%chicken hand                    (normal upgrade)   
%effect time  
%effect clear
%*@^ <Item ID>
%allskillpt <set pt>                    (for set all skill PT GM)
%   recvschedule
%servertime          (see server time)
%set guild grade
%set guild grade by name
%set guild grade by guild
%master me
%delques   t
%serverrate                    (server rate)
%eventset start
%eventset stop
%temp point
%new killerlist
%sfmastery  <set number>            (for skill force mastery)
%basemastery <set number>         (for base master)
%playerexp <set number>             (for exp player)
%pcsfmastery                    (pc for skill force mastery)
%pcbasemastery                           (pc for base mastery)
%pcplayerexp                    (pc for exp player)
%voteenable                    (voting enable)
%voteinfo                    (voting info)         
%timeset                    (time set)
%tlinfoset                    (timelimit setting)
%tlinfo                    (timelimit info)


===================GM Command==================
ALT+B                               (Opens observer menu which enables fly/noclip mode.)

/add <USERNAME>                     (Add the user to your player list, only usable in observer mode, must have player targeted when you do it.)

/remove <USERNAME>                  (Remove player from observer list.)

/add                                (Use this command to add a blank button, and being abble to leave the follow mode.)
//Race codes

0 Bellato

1 Cora

2 Accretia

//Event Commands===============================

%event=info (Display Event rates)

%eventoff (Turn off events)

%event=item (Set event price)

%event=race X (Set event for X race)

%event=mine (Set mine event rates)

%event=expert (Set event rates) 

%event=exp (Set event rates)


%recallexp # (sets the XP on ALL animus that are put away)

%recallexp 0 (resets all of them to lvl 1)

%recallexp 7500000000 (give you a level 50 pet)

%*<itemcode> (Generate a game item)

%*<itemcode> # (Multiple spawns of a particular item)

%moncall <monstercode> (Example: %moncall MONSTERID It will summon this monster)

%monset ON/OFF (Turn on or off mobs spawning) (DONT USE THIS, need to reboot server if misused)

%effect time <#> Sets it so that any buffs you cast will have that duration. So if you set it to 5000 and use wild rage, it'll last for 5000 seconds. Max is 9000.

%effect clear simply removes any buffs/debuffs that you have.

%contribute_p <#> simply adds the number of CP specified.

%contribute_m <#> This didn't seem to work though, obviously should be taking away CP but it didn't work for me. I'll try again when server's back up.

%empty                        (Delete oneself inventory.)

%Set Guild Grade                    (Set oneself guild grade.)

%Set Guild Grade By Name            (Set guild grade.)

%Set Guild Grade By GuildSerial     (Set guild grade.)

%resurrect (name)

%itemdrop-rate no. (set the rate you want)

%expert-rate no. (set the rate you want)

%exp-rate no. (set the rate you want)

%mine-rate no. (set the rate you want)

%rate=info (do this to check if all is set to x6)

%lv XX (ex: %lv 30)

%neverdie (Set HP Fix Mode = never die) or %n

%no neverdie (Release HP Fix Mode) or %nn

%matchless (killing one shot everything) or %m

%no matchless (Release Matchless Mode) or %nm

%transparent (Release transparent mode) or %t

%no transparent (Release Transparent Mode) or %nt

%show me the dalant (give you 10.000 decenas and 100 gold) or %show me the dalant 1000000

%show me the gold

%beggar (Drops all the items the mob has, which is a LOT!)

%no beggar (Turns off beggar) !!!! this command don't work on all client some client u need relog for all back

%god hand (make you a god maker for upgrate item just use one talic and its sucess)

%chicken hand (opposite of god hand)

%circle (Display amount of leaders online for each race)

%total (Display amount of users online for each race)

%normal attack point (Set Normal Attack Point Mode)

%min attack point (Set Min Attack Point Mode)

%max attack point (Set Max Attack Point Mode)

%full force (before doing this clear you inventory of spell (F) then do it and relog you got all spell listed GM)

%allskill XXX (ex: %allskill 999999999 = max = GM)

%upfcitem (Level up a force item)

%upskill (Level up a skill)

%upforce (Level up a force)

%kick XXXX (Kick out of game XXXX player) don't forget put letter in correct typing

%charcall Name

%chatban name

%kick name

%pass quest (Pass your last obtained quest, and give you rewards)

%jump place (Race codes :0 Bellato, 1 Cora, 2 Accretia)

%xyz                                (Give oneself coords.)

%kick <username> (Kick out of game XXXX player)

%chatban <username> (Mute XXXX player)

# text (GM chat)

! text (Gm announcement)


  1. gan cara, kasih item ke player normal gimana gan, kan gw gm ne, mau kasih item ke player normal gmna mesti ngpain?

  2. wew, klo yg ntu mah harus pake software CrontrolServer (CSP)

    biasanya kan yg ngasih item gitu admin, klo GM cukup ngeluarin PB yg dropnya item yg player biasa ingin kan, bantu hit pbnya sama lu, lu kan GM pasti di kasih ele ceo atau semacamnya, beberapa kali hit juga PB nya mati,..

  3. Ngerti cara make CSP g gan..??

  4. Semua command diatas udah gw coba kok tulisan ERROR terus ya gan?
    Mohon bimbingannya.

  5. ini cara kerjanya gmn?
    cmn ketik enter? atau gimana?

    mohon pencerahan

  6. kalo error berrati belom d buka codenya ama admin .

  7. who is highway54 in RF Zachary??

  8. Tapi kenapa setelah gua (GM) spwonin PB..trus aq kill,,palyer masi g bisa Pick barang drop dari PB..?

  9. How do I increase the skills individually without using allskill?
    example: only put the warrior 99/99 and leave the range 0/99
    and has the skill up skills beginner, experienced and elite individually?

  10. bagaimana cara spawnin all Pb

  11. dual od code nya brp yah gan ?

  12. itu carnya gmn pakek aplikasi atau tinggal log.in id GM trus ketik code di rf.nya atau gmn?

  13. Tinggal Ketik mas ...


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