Code Generators

1) Enter the full URL of the image

You can upload your own image at any image hosting [i.e. at KCBox.Net, photobucket, imageshack or others] or check any cute image at adiWidget™
Right-Click the image and Click Properties to know the image location or URL.

(2) Choose the position of the image

-- Bottom Right ------ Bottom Left ---------- Top Right ---------- Top Left ------

and Copy & Paste the code below before the < /head> tag of your web if you want adiWidget™ to load first or before < /body> tag if you want it to load last:
This code is actually develop by my friend at KCBox.Net a place where you can host your image there for free. Thank you very much to him for struggling developing this code. I fully give him a credit for creating this code. Original code can be viewed here:

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