The Accretian Empire follows a totalitarian regime where goals are for the Empire, a thought that is embraced by its followers. There is no feeling when it comes to the destruction of other races and for good reason, for the Accretia are a race of mechanised units with a materialistic thinking. The Accretia are proud to be the strongest and most formidable race in the galaxy, and are proud of the huge weapons they have created to kill men, women and all things living. Their need to expand to the further reaches of the universe to become even stronger is paramount and a key driving force to their being. This has inevitably led them to the Planet Novus and the arcane civilisations it plays home to.

» Background Story

Accretians are organic brains merged into mechanical bodies… Not being mere robots acting accordingly to a rigid piece of software, they are to obey a motive, and that motive is the pursuit of perfection.

While individualism is not promoted, and not even tolerated, self-consciousness does remain; the Accretian society is not to be seen as a hive or a collective mind. The way they are created, educated and indoctrinated makes the Accretians solely concerned by the evolution of the society as a whole. However, perfection at a higher level can only be achieved through perfection at an individual level.

Accretians are the direct descendants of the EMC researchers, the humans who gave birth to Bellateans and Corites through their experiments. Thriving on that heritage, they have brought the intelligence and dedication to science of their ancestors up to new levels.

Accretian culture is all about science and rational thinking. That makes them seek relentlessly for knowledge and rational explanations and solutions to problems, at every level. Be it a soldier learning tactics from past skirmishes or a leading scientist searching new cloning methods by the study of other races’ anatomy.

The Accretian army, being fully mechanised has very few needs, it does however require constant maintenance. Apart from this downtime for repairs, the Accretian army is quite self-sufficient; their robotic bodies completely self sustaining and replenishing their energy and bodily functions where required.

However the human brain inside of the Accretians cybernetic bodies does need to rest every once in a while, the brain is incapable of being on alert constantly without suffering from fatigue, thus when needed to, the Accretians will shut down and ‘rest’ to recover . Despite this biological need to rest, an Accretian are still far stronger than it would be if still in human form. Their metallic bodies also grant the Accretian populace a far superior regeneration capability then that of the Bellateans or the Corites.


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