Destroyer (Lv30)

Destroyer type of warriors are the main force for the Accretian Empire. They have a similar with other race’s warrior class but their unique class skills make it all the difference. They are specialized in close-range combat and they are the most powerful warriors among all 3 races.

Class Bonus

• Melee PT 91,714
• Defense PT 51,589
• Basic Melee Skill 2,500 (to all)
• Lv30 Intense Melee Weapon

Gain 2 skills

• Mangle – powerful attack combo (enemy/mob, SP=240, Recharge=20s, Duration=N/A)
• Shield Battery – maximum regeneration of HP/FP/SP (self, FP=60, Recharge=10s, Duration=120s)

Accretia Destroyer Skills

Mangle Destroyer All 240 (SP) 20s
[Direction] Sends the user into a frenzy, disrupting the actions of nearby enemies. Target: Another Race, Monster

Shield Battery Destroyer All 60 (FP) 10s
Increases the HP regeneration rate of all group members. Target: Self and group members
(HP Recovery+3000%, SP/FP Recovery+1000%, Duration:120s)


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