Gladius (Lv30) Gladius type of warriors use one-handed sword and shield combo. What makes Gladius different is special shields. Their shields are very unique and powerful than the other races. Their class skills are executed using shields.

Class Bonus

• Melee PT 61,143
• Defense PT 34,393
• Shield PT 34,393
• Basic Melee Skill 2,500 (to all)
• Lv29 Intense Shield

Gain 2 skills

• Mega Shield - increases defense (self, FP=60, Recharge=10s, Duration=120s)
• Rapid Logic – Increases attack speed (self, FP=60, Recharge=10s, Duration=120s)

Accretia Gladius Skills

Mega Shield Gladius All 60 (FP) 10s
[Direction] Temporary increase to self defense rating. Requires the user to have a shield equipped. Target: Self
( Def+20%, Duration:120s)

Rapid Gladius All 60 (FP) 10s
Temporary increase to self attack speed. Target: Self
(Attack Speed+25%, Duration:120s)

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