Punisher (Lv40)

This force is organized as a biological force. They target their opponent’s weak points and use their special skills to trap their enemies.

Class Bonus

• Melee PT 826,286
• Defense PT 300,467
• Basic Melee Skill 13,044 (to all)
• Expert Melee Skill 19,566 (to all)
• 99 Offense Charger (+50% attack for 5 minutes)

Gain 3 skills

• Rage Slice – drains the target’s HP (enemy, FP=90 + SP=120, Recharge=30s, Duration=?)
• Magnetic Web – ensnares the target, rendering them immobile (enemy, FP=90, recharge=40s, duration=?)
• Magnetic Arm – Increases attack accuracy and power (self, FP=90, Recharge=10s, Duration=240s)

Accretia Punisher Skills

Magnetic Arm Punisher All 90 (FP) 10s
[Direction] ( ATK+15%, Accurracy+30, Duration:240s)

Magnetic Net Punisher All 90 (FP) 40s
Snares an enemy, slowing movement speed. Target: Another Race
( Duration:30s)

Fatal Attack Punisher Knife, Sword, Axe, Mace, Spear 90 (FP) 120 (SP) 30s
Massive damage to one enemy at the cost of sacrificing self SP. Target: Another Race, Monster
(per 2s HP-500 FP/SP-200, Duration:20s)

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