Scout (Lv30)

Scout type of rangers are mixed with combat abilities and special ability. They can fight in long range combat and can lay traps. Their class skill allows them to go invisible and sneak behind enemy lines.

Class Bonus

• Range PT 91,714
• Defense PT 51,589
• Basic Range Skill 2,500 (to all)
• Lv30 Intense Firearm
• 2x Blasting Powder Trap

Gain 3 skills

• Cloaking Device - allows player to become cloaked/invisible (self, FP=60, Recharge=10s, Duration=120s)
• Trap Skill - allows player to set a bomb trap (ability, FP=0, Recharge=0, Duration=N/A)
• Detector - allows player to detect enemy traps (self, FP=60, Recharge=10s, Duration=120s)

Accretia Scouter Skills

Find Trap Scouter All 60 (FP) 10s
[Direction] Searches the immediate area for traps set by enemy players. Target: Self

Invisibility Scouter All 60 (FP) 10s
User becomes invisible for a certain amount of time. Target: Self

Set Trap Scouter All 0 0
Sets a trap on the ground using a trap kit. Target: Another Race

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