Gunner (Lv30)

Gunner type of rangers are well balanced in both close and long range combat. All Accretian classes can use a launcher but Gunners are the class that can use them best.

Class Bonus

• Launcher PT 122,286
• Defense PT 34,393
• Basic Range Skill 2,500 (to all)
• Lv30 Intense Launcher

Gain 3 skills

• FlashBang – cancels your target’s attack (mob, FP=60, Recharge=10s, Duration=N/A)
• Target Fix – precision launcher shot (enemy/mob, FP=60, Recharge=20s, Duration=N/A)
• Compound Siege – powerful launcher attack (siege mode) (enemy/mob, SP=240, Recharge=20s, Duration=N/A)

Accretia Mercenary Skills

Excel Charger Mercenary All 90 (FP) 10s
[Direction] Temporary increase in effect of healing potions. Target: Self
(Potion Effect+35% Duration:240s)

Powerful Element Mercenary All 90 (FP) 10s
Temporary increase to elemental resistances. Target: Self
(Elemental Resistances+50 Duration:240s)

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