Phantom Shadow (Lv40)

They attack the main place of their enemy. Strong offense and high speed help them to wound their enemies critically. Their surprise attack is simple yet deadly.

Class Bonus

• Range PT 550,857
• Defense PT 450,701
• Basic Range Skill 13,044 (to all)
• Expert Range Skill 19,566 (to all)
• Lv40 Throwing Knife (white/normal)
• 3x Advanced Blasting Powder Trap

Gain 2 skills

• Illusionist - stealth attack skill from cloaked state (enemy/mob, FP=90 + SP=120, Recharge=30s, Duration=N/A)
• Trap Box – Increases amount of traps you can set (ability, FP=0, Recharge=0, Duration=N/A)

Accretia Phantom Shadow Skills

Silent Attack Phantom Shadow Throwing. 90 (FP) 120 (SP) 30s
[Direction] Powerful sneak attack when invisible(Knife skill). Target: Another Race, Monster

Trap Box Phantom Shadow All 0 0
Increase amout of traps you can set(passive skill). Target: Self


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