Dementer (Lv40)

They help their allies to escape from danger. They are programmed to sacrifice their lives to complete their mission. They can assist their allies in retreating from battle.

Class Bonus

• Range PT 826,286
• Defense PT 300,467
• Basic Range Skill 13,044 (to all)
• Expert Range Skill 19,566 (to all)
• [30,000] Terra Ammunition

Gain 3 skills

• Self Destruct – turns the user into a time bomb, and decreases HP to 1 (self, FP=90, Recharge=300s, Duration=300s)
• Mind Poison - increases FP cost and decreases max FP (enemy, FP=90, Recharge=50s, Duration=?)
• Gate Capsule – creates a portal that returns your party to a binding location (party, FP=90, Recharge=300s, Duration=?)

Accretia Dementer Skills

Dread Mind Dementer All 90 (FP) 50s
[Direction] Effected enemy has max FP reduced and FP skills go up. Target: Another Race

Return Dementer All 90 (FP) 300s
Teleports user to bind point. Target: Self

Self Destruct Dementer All 90 (FP) 300s
Explode causing massive damage to surrounding enemies and self. Temporarilly cannot use potions after use. Target: Self, Another Race, Monster

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