Battle Leader (Lv40)

Main battle supplier for the Accretian Empire. Their unique ability to increase the speed of their allies and decrease the defense of their opponents makes them invaluable in combat situations.

Class Bonus

• Melee PT 165,257
• Range PT 165,257
• Launcher PT 165,514
• Defense PT 90,140
• Shield PT 90,140
• Weapon/Shield 300
• Armor 300
• Ammo 5,000
• Encourage amulet (12% HP/FP increase) (Amulet cannot be traded or removed off the character.)
• 4x [100 ammo] magazines of special debuff grenades

Gain 3 skills

• Turbo Boost – doubles speed (ally/self, FP=90, Recharge=20s, Duration=300s)
• Stone Statue – turns you into an invincible stone statue (self, FP=90, Recharge=60s, Duration=30s)
• Gauge Break – decreases target’s defense gauge (enemy, FP=90 + SP=120, Recharge=60s, Duration=N/A)

Accretia Battle Leader Skills

Gauge Down Battle Leader All 90 (FP) 120 (SP) 60s
[Direction] Reduces an enemy's DP level. Target: Another Race

Nimble Joint Battle Leader All 90 (FP) 20s
Grants a temporary increase to an ally's run speed. Target: Same Race
(Run Speed+1.0, Duration:300s)

Solid Mode Battle Leader All 90 (FP) 60s
Grants a massive temporary increase to self defense rating at the cost of reduced mobility. Target: Self

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