Guardian (Lv40)

They are guardians of Decem’s sanctuary, with the power to make their enemies weak.

Class Bonus

• Melee PT 550,857
• Defense PT 450,701
• Basic Melee Skill 13,044 (to all)
• Expert Melee Skill 19,566 (to all)
• 99 Bust Potion (50% atk) or Protect Potion (50% def)

Gain 2 skills

• Swiftness - deacreases the skill recovery time and increases skill attack power slightly (self, FP=90, Recharge=10s, Duration=240s)
• Tendon Ripper - lowers enemy attack power (enemy, FP=90, Recharge=60s, Duration=?)

Cora Guardian Skills
Power Break Guardian All 90 (FP) 60s
[Direction] Reduces an enemy's attack power for a certain period of time. Target: Another Race, Monster

Energy Guardian All 90 (FP) 10s
Reduces all skill reuse timers. Target: Self

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