Black Knight (Lv40)

Black Knights are blessed by Dark Force. They use the self-hypnotism of Dark Force to increase their defense ability. They can also hypnotize their enemies into attacking them. Black Knights are heavy infantry with the best defense in the Holy Alliance.

Class Bonus

• Melee PT 413,143
• Defense PT 300,467
• Shield PT 300,467
• Basic Melee Skill 13,044 (to all)
• Expert Melee Skill 19,566 (to all)
• 99 Protect Potion (+50% def for 5 minutes)

Gain 2 skills

• Barricade - increases defense ability (self, FP=90, Recharge=10s, Duration=240s)
• Torment – Forces a target to attack you (enemy/mob, FP=90 + SP=120, Recharge=20s, Duration=N/A)

Cora Black Knight Skills

Confuse Black Knight Knife, Sword, Axe, Mace, Spear 90 (FP) 120 (SP) 20s
[Direction] Causes all enemies to change target onto you. Target: Another Race, Monster

Hypnotic Power Black Knight All 90 (FP) 10s
Temporarilly exchange self attack power for defense rating. Target: Self


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