RF ONLINE GUIDE 6 (Bellato Specialist)

Bellato Specialist
Craftsman (Lv30) Mental Smith (Lv40)
Driver (Lv30) Armor Rider (Lv40)

Craftsman (Lv30)

The Craftsmen are suppliers who specialize mining, processing, manufacturing, and upgrading. Hence, they are usually assorted as a non-fighter, and can lead the game with great economic foundation.

Class Skill

• Set Guard Tower : A license to build a guard tower.

Driver (Lv30)

The Driver’s specialty is handling armored equipments. Therefore, they acquire ranger’s general abilities before they use any armored equipments. In other words, you can play as ranger for some time and obtain a drivers license when you get promoted. Although every soldier in the union uses armored equipments, the Drivers have the greatest talent and can handle them better than anyone.

Mental Smith (Lv40)

The Mental Smith, who has devoted themselves in development all these days, now they aid battles by preparing various weapons and armors and takes part in protecting their allies.

Class Skill

• Gage Recovery - Repairs the target’s damaged armor and fully recovers DP (ally/self, FP=90, Recharge=20s, Duration=N/A)
• Rebirth - Brings back life by using items that can recuperate an ally (ally/self, HP=240 + FP=240 + SP=480, Recharge=60s, Duration=N/A)

Armor Rider (Lv40)

The Armor Riders are aces in handling armors. The armors they control can produce superior strength than others’.

Class Skill

• Armored Mastery - Studying more about their units so they can handle their units better (Passive Skill)
• Repair Discount – Getting discounts when they repair their unit (Passive Skill)

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