Cora Specialist
Craftsman (Lv30) Artist (Lv40)

Craftsman (Lv30)

The Craftsman’s duty is to mine and process ore to produce weapons and armor for the race. They have proven invaluable to guilds and an essential element to the success of the Holy Alliance. They do not focus on combat.

Class Bonus

• Weapon/Shield 500
• Armor 500
• Ammo 4500
• Light Guard Tower (x3)
• Ruby (x6) and Topaz (x6)

Gain 1 skill

• Set Gaurd Tower - can create gaurd towers using gems and Gaurd Tower parts (ability, FP=0, Recharge=0, Duration=”several hours”)

Artist (Lv40)

Artists bear the task of supplying armor to their race. They spend their time crafting and perfecting their skills of trade. They have a unique ability to revive their allies but only limited combat capabilities.

Class Bonus

• Weapon/Shield 600
• Armor 600
• Ammo 10,000
• Defense PT 180,280
• Choice of amulet (12% HP/FP increase) or 10 high-grade gems of choice. (Amulet cannot be traded or removed off the character.)

Gain 2 skills

• Gauge Recovery - restores a player's defense durability gauge (ally/self, FP=90, Recharge=20s, Duration=N/A)
• Revival - Resurrect an ally (ally, HP=240 + FP=240 + SP=480, Recharge=60s, Duration=N/A)

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