RF Online 2.1.6: Scripts for server GoldPlanet 6up

1 Relics cache 60 armor shop in stores
2 70 and 85 armor weapons
3 Bijan 40 \ 35 35 \ 30 in stores
4 60 myavki (if you have a limit lvl 60 there are set titles and Fri)
5 armor in the extraction of 85 Dungey (keys fall from queens metalelfov in the grid) of prescription-50 ore all tsvetoh +99 identification chips (extracted from the trees on the ether) 50 basalt of all colors and 99-chip metal arms 50 chips and 99-gun ( combination of the hero
6 armor in the extraction of 70 su on stone golem armor-captains caste Narumi
7 glucoside with flemov
8 price on resy MS with triceps raised
9taliki with flemov bullies in the GSH
10 T5 Magazev
11 modifiers for 85 armor with tanks in the grid
PS Haydee all the things you can learn looking at the name of the client and finding her number in acc Servais
serv http://rapidshara.ru/113681
customer http://ifolder.ru/13865906

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