RF ONLINE SERVER SIDE GUIDE (Admin/GM Tool, Pre Release Demo/Feedback )


  • Staff Permissions
  • IP Banning
  • Temporary Banning
  • Password Changing (*)
  • Account Information (*)
  • Account Search
  • Character Banning
  • Character Editing (*)
  • Character Restoration/Deletion
  • IP Searching (*)
  • Manage Staff Accounts (*)
  • Search Staff Accounts (*)
  • Search Characters

I think I have listed most of the features, although you may notice the "(*)" next to some of them, this means they are in some way changed by the permissions of the staff account, for example: If a GM (Grade 2 in the Staff table) they would not be able to use user passwords, or gain access to the admin tab.
However if an Admin (Grade 4 in the Staff table) they would be able to use everything on the program.
There are many features that this program offers and it offers them in a way that is not confusing and is easy for any user to read.
I'm here today mainly to gather feedback, but if you would like further information and information on how you might get this program to work with your own server, please email me at:
I would ask you to email me at that same address if you find any bugs or have and concerns regarding the program itself.
Below are a few screenshots of the program at work (This is using the demo database, more on that in a bit)
1. Login, Staff Verification.

This is the login box, Only registered staff will be able to log in the program and use it's features.
2. Accounts Tab.

After you have successfully logged in, you will be greeted by the accounts page, here you will be able to manage the accounts, within the bounds of your permissions of course.
2.1 Temporary Ban.

I thought I would include one of the features of this application that makes it so user friendly, little tool tips may be places around (although at the minute there aren't very many), As you can see, the tool tip displays the reason for the current temporary ban, as well as who banned them, this information is recorded from the person using this application.
3. Character Page

Here you will be greeted with a consistent style to the accounts page, again making the tools very user friendly, here you can do multiple thing as well as delete, restore and search for characters.
4. Admin (Grade 4 Only)

Here I give you an example of what the admin page looks like, as you may have noticed in this screenshot the "update" button is disabled, this is only in the demo as I do not want people to keep changing the passwords thus restricting other users from logging into the demo accounts. The IP Search function is on this page, as well as staff table management (Setting permissions, Passwords, Usernames etc)
Ok, Now you have had an early teaser of the programs prosthetics, I though it would be nice if you actually got to know it personally, therefore I have gone through the trouble of making a temporary database with a few fake items in it for you to have a little demo with, Below you will find the necessary information needed (as well as the program) to have a go at the demo.
Admin Level (Grade 4)
ID: !demoadmin
Password: demopass
GM Level (Grade 2)
ID: !demogm
Password: demopass

Just as a friendly reminder, for any further information regarding the application or any queries you may have about getting this application for your own staff or server, please drop me an email: [EMAIL="akuma@pvplords.net"]akuma@pvplords.net[/EMAIL]
This is the same if you find any problems with the application, if you find any runtime errors, or exceptions popping up, Please email the following to [EMAIL="akuma@pvplords.net"]akuma@pvplords.net[/EMAIL]
Subject: ERROR!
This will contain exactly what you were doing when the error occurred and how the error was given to you, was it a framework exception window or a message box telling you to contact me, or there was a message box just saying something was wrong, in either case, if it keeps happening get in contact with me.


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