RF ONLINE SERVER SIDE GUIDE (Creation of temporary objects )

I'll show the example already set up temporary things
What we need:
2.sootvetstvuyuschie structure: TimerItem.strs for the client and server and Item.strs
3.takzhe head on his shoulders and sleight of hand
So take as a basis Flag Korita

My goal is to make a gift to the lamp periud from one CV to another, the object will be active 6 o'clock and it is about 21600 seconds
And so will begin to start to put iteme.edf activity at the time:

start editing the server side:

in column (time in sec.) write the time during which will be available to our subject
Index ost. takoyzhe
column CS dq prescribes: ticlo01 where the first two letters ti write necessarily followed by 3 letters clo should be the first 3-em datnika where letters are kept anti-gravity (cloakitem.dat) then write the serial number of the COP dq type ie ticlo01 etc. to ticlo99
Type time 1
Getting Started Client

column Timer dq as I understand it's not a time dq kakoyto code responsible for each type of objects))) how to calculate I did not understand why you look at what type of need is already available in taymeritem.edf
Column dq type well, there is clear we write the type of object I have 8 - antigrav
Dq dq write object object from item.edf
type of time 1
Lasts 21600 and forgot to put in nezabudte datnike server activity on TaymItem and then zaona will swear
And all rejoice made

here is no set time, but even so works)
Item.strs from [ScaR]
TimeItem.strs - Client By Emka
TimeItem.strs - server by Gob



struct TimerItemFile
u32 TimerItemBlocks;
u32 TimerItemBlockSize;
child TimerItemBlock [count=TimerItemBlocks];

struct TimerItemBlock [preload=1, tableview=1]
u32 [tag="Индекс"] DWORD;
x32 [tag="Timer ID"] DWORD;
u32 [tag="ID Типа"] DWORD;
x32 [tag="ID Предмета"] DWORD;
u32 [tag="Тип времени"] DWORD;
u32 [tag="Время действия"] DWORD;


//Writed by Gob

struct TimerItemFile
u32 nBlocks;
u32 nColumns;
u32 nSize;
child TimerItemBlock [count=nBlocks];

struct TimerItemBlock [preload=1, tableview=1]
u32 nCount;
cstr [len=64] "Тип Итема";
cstr [len=64] "ЙД";
u32 "Тип времени";
u32 "Время";

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