RF ONLINE SERVER SIDE GUIDE (Id types of items )
A small plaque dedicated to the ID type of objects in a client RF Online.
Full ID of any object in the client consists of two ID:
* ID Type
* ID object
ID object for different types of objects may be the same, unlike the ID types of objects, which have all different.
For example the object ID of different pieces of armor one lvla have the same ID, and ID are similar to some other ID items in the game, but they differ in the types of ID subjects.

This table is relevant for all the ups, starting with 2.1.5 and ending with 2.2.3, only 2.1.5 is no coupons, and ID types in all flavor identical.
Also there are 8 ID types, which include the details mow, but they are not listed in the table due to the fact that we never used.


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