RF ONLINE SERVER SIDE GUIDE (RF Online 2.1.5: UpdateMaker+How to make it work)

How it works? 1. Goto "Rising Force Online" folder and hex to your IP. Place it to your client root folder.
2. Create folder, where you need to place files that your players will download. Place also rf_online.bin and RF.exe. Keep folder structure as in client.
Create folder "Download" in the root folder of your web.
3. Launch RF_Update.exe, click "Open Directory", choose rf_online.bin.
Click "Make Update", choose folder "Download", that you've created and wait untill it fill finish.
4. Place content from folder "www" in the archive into your web root folder.
Edit serverconfig.dat,update.dat and update.dll - replace with your IP.
You've done! Start RF.exe and watch the process.

Also you can place pass to PatchInfo.z file, don't forget to HEX RF.exe (default pass in this RF.exe is 123456789)
Tested on Up5.
Known bugs:
1. Could close client and not work if there are many files to update.
2.Doesn't patch itself.

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