RF ONLINE SERVER SIDE GUIDE (Troubleshooting Appserver )

Who has problems with AppServ, who have white screen of the Web (MSSQL 2005). Solution:
1.If you AppServ 2.5.8 version should change it to \ 2.5.10 \ 2.6.0
2.If you are versions above perechislinye configure php.ini in \ WINDOWS, open, look for:; extension =
php_mssql.dll (deletes the character;), mssql.secure_connection = Off (me On). the same procedure do with the php.ini-dist (.. \ Appserv \ php6 (5)) and php.ini-recommended is in the same folder, open all through the notebook.
3.If you Set all the above listing then swing ntwdblib.dll Dump. And puts in
: \ WINDOWS \ System32;
: \ AppServ \ php5;
: \ AppServ \ Apache2.2 \ bin
Making restart your PC or AppServ.I rejoice.
Set that would have created 100 subjects and did not receive bany.Proshu fix: 37:

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